From simple planting advice, to comprehensive design and installation programs, we believe we have a solution to your needs. For certain jobs, an initial phone call and follow-up site visit may be all that is required, certainly for things like pots and simple planting. On larger projects where we may be working alongside architects, building contractors and other specialist design and consultation professionals, a more specific and detailed approach will be needed. A summary of this process is outlined below.


The brief will be established and ideas formulated. It is fundamentally client driven so that we are striving to achieve what you want. We will then write to you outlining our fees and the options you have for taking the project forward.


A detailed site and soil survey will follow whereby all topographical variances, services, existing trees and all outbuildings and boundaries will be mapped and accounted for.

Initial Sketches and Proposals

Preliminary drawings will be developed into a concept design for immediate feedback. This information may consist of simple 2D layout plans, some 3D visuals, accompanying reference images, and any samples as requested.


Once the concept design is signed off, we will then work up the masterplan in Vectorworks, producing further information such as project specifications, structural drawings, planting and lighting plans, and any planning information as required.


Certain projects will require external contractors, so when this is the case we will provide for and oversee the tender process. Ordinarily this will include comparative quotes from third party sub-contractors which are then reviewed by client and designer alike.

Installation and Project Management

ALD will manage the construction process from start to finish, overseeing every detail. Our experience has shown that this is the most effective way of ensuring your project adheres to the three main criteria of the build – quality, cost and time. ALD leads on all planting, and will be responsible for the sourcing and supply of all plant material; the landscape contractor will be responsible for supplying all other materials as per the specifications.

On-going Management

We will create a tailor-made maintenance and review program for the garden so that together with you, we can best manage its evolution down the years.